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(02) 9543 6902

At Family Connections Sydney we help individuals and their families to understand and overcome the challenges they experience in everyday life. Our practice and therapy approaches are guided by evidence in relevant research studies and rapidly growing knowledge in the field of neuroscience. We help our clients bridge the gap between their current circumstances and their goals and dreams so they can live fulfilling, independent and meaningful lives.

We use Sensory Integration, relationship-based, neurodevelopmental approach, polyvagal theory, supported by Integrated Listening systems (Focus Program, Safe and Sound Protocol) and Interactive Metronome. We work with young children, adolescents and adults.

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy is a profession with a holistic approach which looks at an individual’s life in the context of their environment and their roles in life (e.g. friendship, education, family, employment).

Occupational Therapists work with their clients to help them overcome the obstacles created by physical, medical, developmental or emotional challenges, so they can reach or return to their best possible function and be able to participate in daily activities, reaching their goals and realising their dreams.

Occupational Therapists, depending on the population they work with and the challenges their clients face, use different evidence based therapeutic approaches and tools.